Curiculum Vitae

He created two new typefaces, Apollonia, Katsoulidis, Geneses etc.He has written two books: “The Design of theLetter”, edition by Th. Kastaniontis, 1991, “Papa-Michalis”, edition by A. Livanis, 2001, (1st prize E.E.X.Ã.).He has presented 30 personal painting and engraving exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He has participated in many Biennale as well as international exhibitions. His works can be seen in Athens at the National Gallery, at the Vorre Museum, the Gennadeios Library, and the N. Gregorakis Engravings Museum. In Thessa-loniki his work can be seen in the Museum of the National Bank Foundation and in the Rodos Gallery. In Paris, his works are exhibited in the National Library in the engravings section and many of his works are in private collections in Europe and America.

In the Museum are exhibited 6 Art Albums, which Katsoulidis has elaborated:
“Palatine Anthology” 10 lithographs,1979
“Peonies of Greece” 12 lithographs,
edition of Goulandri Museum, 1983
“Semicircle” Giannis Ritsos, 7 lithographs,
edition of T.Katsoulidis, 1989
“Mani” 10 woodcuts, texts by Nikitas Nifakis
Edition by N. Grigorakis, 1992
“Genesis” 7 engravings and byzantine
alphabet designed especially for the album
Edition by N. Grigorakis, 1996
“Sea of Promise” 7 lithographs with
7 poems of Titos Patrikios,
Edition by T.Katsoulidis, 2002

It is worth noting that the works on display are not all the works donated by the artist to the Museum. There are 50 more works, which are not exhibited because of a lack of space.
The Museum’s Board of Directors is planning to publish a catalogue in the near future, which will include all the works that Katsoulidis has donated to the Museum.