The period which followed Katsoulidisí studies at the School of Fine Arts, he produced a series o coloured and black-and-white wood engravings o landscapes and cities.

1959 woodcut 34,5x24cm.

1959 woodcut 47x30cm.

1958 woodcut 24x32cm.

Poplars in Messini,
1960 woodcut

1960 woodcut 32x42.5cm.

Landscape of Messinia,
1961 woodcut 34x43cm.

For these woodcuts Katsoulidis was awarded the 1st prize in engraving at the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition o Young Artists in 1961.

Katsoulidis held his personal exhibition with these last few works at the Zygos Gallery in 1960 and the well-known engraver, A.Tassos, wrote in Zygos magaine:
"Katsoulidis, who has a deep sense of responsibility and a sincerity that has been forgoten by the youth of today, has appeared before us and has set off on the difficult road of the true artist who wants to deceive neither the public nor himself. His detailed desings and well-executed forms are imbued with a personal quality which vividly reflects the world around us, transformed into shapes and colours which have a pure plastic feeliing".