In 1995 he returned to "painting with light". He began to use Plexiglas and indelible PVC colours to create 45 new works with silk screening and an airbrush. In 1999 he held a large exhibition at the Pieridis Gallery with subjects taken from contemporary Athens.
It should be noted that Katsoulidis took part in the 1976 International Art Exhibition of Ostend for the European prize. He was honoured with a medal and received very good reviews from the Belgium press.

Plastic flowers, 1975 "painting with light
" Mixed technique on plastic 91x79cm.


Hotel in mountain area, 1998 "painting with light" Mixed technique on plexiglass 150x158cm


Street in Athens, 1999 "painting with light" Mixed technique on plexiglass 110x180cm.


D. Pieridis, the Director of the Pieridis Gallery, wrote in his introduction to the exhibition:
"Now we have the opportunity to see up close the work of another exceptional Greek artist of the 20th century: Takis Katsoulidis. His new work, the result of exhaustive study over many years, opens up a new aesthetic. Katsoulidis has used light and colour to create images of our life. His artistic sensibility met with and awoke our conscious minds, reminding us that art continues to celebrate life. And his work undoubtedly bears witness to his place in the history of art."