The next section includes a series of coloured lithographs of young women and landscapes. These were made during the period that the artist was also painting, after he returned to representational art. The messnian landscapes also belong to this group although they were made several years after 1972,on his return to representational art.

From 1979 until 1994 he held many personal exhibitions of paintings and engravings and took part in many international group exhibitions and Biennales.

Fruit bowl,
1981 Lithograph 49x61cm.


Twighlight at the Messinian bay,
1986 Lith. 43x68cm.

Red figure,
1983 Lithograph 63x44cm.


Woman in front of the mirror,
1985 Lithograph


Girl in the bathroom,
1993 lithograph

Nude in an armchair,
1993 lithograph

In 1994, on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at the Titanium Gallery, a book was published on Takis Katsoulidis by Adam Publications. The introduction was written by the Academician and art historian Chryssanthos Christou:
"An artist with an impressive presence in engraving and painting, Takis Katsoulidis has given us some exceptional examples of his vernacular with his latest works. He is a spontaneous and restless artist, as methodical as he is daring in his work. He has a sound artistic grounding, he is an explorer and he constantly enriches his means of artistic expression."