Katsoulidis returned to representational art in 1972-73 with a series of works which contained elements of social criticism and were exhibited in 1973 in the Ora Gallery.
"The Man with the Ball", in which dogs stand on the Acropolis inspecting the view beneath them, is a symbolic work signifying the end of the Colonels' junta. In the man with the ball on Panepistimou Street, the passers-by are much smaller in size than the central figure.
These works, both the paintings and the lithographs, were made using photos with the silk screening technique in which the design is printed on to canvas. It is with these works that Katsoulidis began to usethe graphic arts in his work; he was the first in Greece to do this.

Spectators of another sort, 1973 lithograph


Panepistimiou Avenue, 1972 lithograph