In 1977 Katsoulidis began a new series of works inspired by the landscapes of Messinia. Using notes and sketches, he created highly abstract expressionist land-scapes. His use of colour was spontaneous and free and he painted directly on the canvas, using the pigment directly from the tube rather than applying it with a brush.

Messsinian landscape,
1978 Lithograph 47x64cm.


Messsinian landscape,
1978 Lithographe 50x65cm.


Landscape of Messinia, 1978 Oil on canvas 112x162cm.


Landscape of Messinia,
1974 Oil on canvas 89x110cm.

Landscape of Messinia,
1978 Oil on canvas 89x110cm.

It should be noted that Katsoulidis is an enquiring artist and this can be seen in the entire body of his work. Each theme or idea is dealt with exhaustively and when the artist has completed a cycle of work, he goes on to something new.
At this point it would be useful to note what the art historian and Director of the Museum of the City of Athens, Stelios Lydakis, wrote in 1979 on the artist:
"The Metamorphosis of Katsoulidis, he is of idiosyncratic temperament, enquiring and probing, and he avoids falling into stylistic ruts. His works are made in cycles which, when completed, do not need to continue or be repeated".